Fences: Smith Mountain Lake Series – Book Three by Inglath Cooper

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Can true love ever overcome betrayal?At eighteen, Tate Callahan left Smith Mountain Lake with no intention of ever coming back. The one thing he’d believed in after a lifetime of growing up in foster homes was his love for Jillie Andrews and her love for him. But a single act of jealousy had destroyed all that, and Tate has spent the past eighteen years trying to convince himself what they had was never real. And he’s done a pretty good job of it, until the day someone decides the past isn’t better left alone. When old accusations are brought to light, Tate believes Jillie is responsible and heads back to Smith Mountain Lake to once and for all prove to himself that she is not the woman of his dreams, but the woman who had destroyed his dreams. What he finds though isn’t at all what he’d expected. And the question he will have to answer is whether the protective fences we build around ourselves can ever be taken down, letting us see not only what might have been, but what can still be.

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Nancy L. Silk·March 1, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Format: Kindle Edition
“An Awesome, Compelling Story”
Tate Callahan was 18 years old when he left Smith Mountain Lake with no plans of ever returning. He had been raised in foster homes. The one good thing is the love he had for Jillie Andrews but jealousy destroyed the relationship. Public accusations rise from that relationship so he does finally return home to prove she is the one that had been at fault. Can the fences they have around themselves be broken down? Yeah, we know it’s not easy, but this story is captivating and proves real love is never lost. The story is very heartwarming and intriguing of how fences need never be built very high. Strongly recommended.
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June49·January 15, 2017
5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Format: Kindle Edition
Love Tate and what his character brings to the story
This is a story that has good characters, storyline and moves along at a nice pace. I kept saying I will read 5 more minutes which turned into an hour and then some. I like this author a lot and what she gives to us in her books. Tate and Jillie have history that go back to when they are 12. He has been living in foster homes, she lives with her dad. As they get older they feel much more for each other but at 18 something happens and Tate leaves town. Now it is 18 years later, he is successful in his life and circumstances bring him back to town. Jillie has 2 daughters and recently left a widow when her husband commits suicide. Not wanting to do any spoilers I will say there are some twists that come up but what I liked the most is the growth of relationships in the story and the consequences one must face for choices made in the past. The author gives us lots of emotion in her stories and I cared very much for the characters and what they went through.
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