Good Morning Beautiful by Daines Reed

Product Description
What causes a perfectly rational, mature woman to lose herself in a perfectly irrational, immature relationship? For Cynthia Thomas, a single, thirty-something woman, it could be insecurity. It could be loneliness. It could be something deeper. Like a woman who has waded so far into the ocean she’s lost sight of the shore, Cynthia fears she’s gone too far with Victor.She fears she’s wasted too many of her good years.She’s no closer to becoming a wife and a mother, and as she approaches her 40th birthday, her regrets threaten to destroy her.

Good for them. But when will things be good for me?

Cynthia Thomas has spent a lifetime on the sidelines watching everyone else’s lives blossom with marriage and babies. All she’s ever wanted was to experience those joys for herself.

But, when she realizes she’s spent too many years invested in one toxic relationship after another, she fears she may not deserve the true love she craves.

Now, months before her 40th birthday, with a string of failed relationships in her past and a habit of submitting to her own inner demons, she’s reached a crossroads.

She’ll have to dig deep to find discernment and self-love. Until now, nothing else has worked, time is ticking, and her chance for real love and motherhoood depend on it.

This heartfelt, honest, and introspective sequel to Daines Reed’s Trust will leave you laughing, crying, and rooting for a happily-ever-after. About the Author
Author Daines L. Reed, a wildly optimistic lover of words, resides in a small town just outside of Charlotte, NC with her husband, daughters, and pair of miniature Schnauzers. She is a registered dental hygienist, an avid reader, lifelong learner, and emerging storyteller.

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