Love: A Forgotten Art by Ivy Symone

The way they met was unconventional, but it connected them in ways Dasani never expected. What should have been a single encounter turned into several. There was something about Prime that magnetized her to him…Egotistical, vain, and pompous, but confident, beautiful, charming, and eccentric. Prime didn’t have to exert his dominance for her to know who he was. Her submission to his energy came naturally.

He was what she needed.

Prime was the perfect name for someone like him; it was truly befitting. He carried himself as if he was of main importance and considered himself to be the best in quality. And yes, he was at the most successful peak of his life, and he exuded great strength and maturity. Now it was time to settle and findeth a wife. Unable to change the mistakes of the past, he looked forward to another chance at love and family. He believed he found it in Dasani.

She was divine and breathtaking. A chocolate goddess. A priceless piece of sculpted art. Dasani was quiet, hardworking, loving, nurturing, and a successful business owner. Prime admired her drive and passion, but he loathed the pain and hurt in her eyes. All he desired to do was be the man to remove her out of the darkness and place her in the light where she belonged.

She was what he wanted.

Sometimes, what we want, and need isn’t what’s best for us; nor is it best for the people in our lives that depend on us. After Prime learns that he and Dasani share a mutual loved one in their lives, Prime must make a choice: Dasani or the “loved” one. But Prime is used to having his way, and not having Dasani will be a problem. Will he be able to abandon the idea of love in order to salvage the broken relationship that stands in their way, or will he forfeit the opportunity to make amends and hold on to his Dasani?

Superior book!
Love the storyline! Phenomenal author

Format: Kindle Edition
I’m so happy for Dasani! She received the ending that she was destined have. Even though Prime knew about all her skeletons, he didn’t let that stop his feelings for her. And that my friend, in the forgotten art!

I really didn’t care for this book. The character development was lacking. I really couldn’t connect to any characters . I thought Prime was pretty disgusting with the way he treated Camryn . Even if she wasn’t biologically his I didn’t understand his disdain for her. What type of women was she suppose to grow into after he rejected her his whole life? The pooyda and Prime thing was confusing. One minute camryn was calling him Prime and then the next daddy. Dasani was stupid and slow to me. She never caught on to anything.🙄 the author used to be one of my favorites but her last few realeases hasn’t been good. I wish she would finally write the follow up to The Bed We Made.

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