The Broken Preacher’s Daughter: A Road To Healing by Charity Spears

Product description
In this book, I will take you on a journey of my personal struggles, lessons I’ve learned and how I overcame. Through The Broken Preacher’s Daughter, I hope that my transparency and shameful past helps to heal you. I know what it is like to suffer in silence and I want for you to be free and to choose the path that God has for you.


catresa smith·October 3, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Format: Paperback
Being a Preacher’s Kid isn’t a cake walk; God heal us.
An amazing testament to how God can heal a person. This woman went through many storms and is alive to tell her story of what she knows to be true from her viewpoint and what her family, friends, and those that knew the truth or a truth.
I have much respect for her relationship with her Heavenly Father and how she has pushed through good and bad to accept His calling. Glad you finished one of your many dreams Charity Spears.

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