The Way of The Cat: Surviving Metastasized Cancer by Itzhak Be’er

Product description
Shocked by a prostate cancer death sentence, Itzhak (Itzy) Be’er becomes a cancer-fighting warrior
This is the story of author Itzy Be’er’s heroic struggle with cancer. In late 2001, near his 50th birthday, he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and given nine months to two years to live. A black cloud descended over him and obscured his future. As a result, Itzy decided to embark on a journey to save his life.

Encounter Itzy’s unique, effective strategy for beating terminal cancer!
He developed “The Way of the Cat” strategy for fighting cancer: as a cat fights a snake, rapidly hitting it over the head again and again until it is exhausted, one fights this disease.

Against all odds, and in defiance of medical experts, Itzy nowadays continues to live and enjoy an excellent quality of life and believes that he will continue to do so for many years to come.

Itzy shares his insights about how to wage an effective and uncompromising struggle against cancer or other crises, imparts eye-opening medical wisdom he acquired during his illness, and points out weaknesses in the healthcare system. All this is integrated with personal stories of the hospital atmosphere and his family’s coping.

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Itzy’s book will help many patients, both informatively and emotionally. Itzy’s message speaks to all of us — caretakers and patients alike. Enjoy your reading!
Dr. Avivit Neumann, Senior Oncologist

I accompanied Itzy on his journey over time. What most impressed me was his willingness to go to any length to find a remedy for his illness. Despite the hardship in asking for help from family, friends, and various other supporters, he overcame his embarrassment and dared to ask for help and support. How many of us would dare fight so strongly for ourselves? His determined battle to seek help and support indicates his deep belief in himself and the value of his life. Without these qualities, I doubt if he would have reached so far. Itzy’s story serves as inspiration for other people fighting for their lives and may help them find their own personal recipe that will lead them to results as extraordinary as his.
Dr. Dan Karat, Doctor and Naturopath

From the Author
This book started as a diary of my experiences after I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Writing became therapy for me, enabling me to relieve my distress. It helped me to bear the heavy burden that had been placed on my shoulders.
My messages to the readers are:
* Take responsibility for your life, especially in a crisis situation. No one can do it better than you. However, realize you are NOT alone. Allow yourself to ask for and receive support from family, friends, the medical staff, and others, who in turn, are recruited to help you in this battle.
* Take advantage of your best skills and abilities, in order to cope with this situation.
* Be active. To get through this, do not sit idly and expect the work to be done by others. Being active is an important part of the recovery process.
*Make an effort to live well. This will help in dealing successfully with the situation.

About the Author
In October 2001, more than 15 years ago, shortly before his fiftieth birthday, Itzhak (Itzy) Be’er was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, includinga significant number of bone metastases. The medical system predicted his life expectancy as between nine months and two years. This was of course an enormous shock to him and his family. A short time later, after the picture became a bit clearer and the fog faded somewhat, Itzy decided to go out and fight for his life. Today, he can point to a huge victory. Although the cancer is not gone, Itzy lives with it in a strange symbiosis as an active man with an excellent quality of life. Itzy was born in 1951 and lives in Israel. His family of farmers resides to this day in Sarona, a semi-cooperative agricultural settlement (moshav) in northern Israel, raising sheep and goats as their livelihood. Itzy is a father of three, an engineer by education, a former goat cheese maker, and a well-known prostate cancer survivor. Today, many prostate cancer patients seek him out to learn from his experience and success. Itzy shares his personal knowledge, which he acquired over time, in order to help other prostate cancer victims and serves as a guide and mentor to those who need support in their struggle. Itzy also manages the Living with Prostate Cancer Association, a volunteer organization that supports prostate cancer victims in Israel. This is Itzy s first book, published in Hebrew in 2010, with the English version published in 2017. It contains an epilogue that includes, among other matters, the insights Itzy has gained over the years in dealing effectively with cancer. See LessEdit

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