When God Says “Wait”: navigating life’s detours and delays without losing your faith, your friends, or your mind by Elizabeth Laing Thompson

Product description

A job, a true love, a baby, a cure. . .
We’re all waiting for something from God.
And the place between His answers can feel like a wasteland where dreams—and faith—go to die.
When we’re waiting, we wonder, “Why?”, “Why me?”, and “How long?”

But the truth? . . .
When God says, “Wait,” He doesn’t tell us for how long.
When God says, “Wait,” we face one of life’s greatest tests.
When God says, “Wait,” we have decisions to make.
When God says, “Wait,” we can control only two things: how we wait, and who we become along the way.

Author Elizabeth Laing Thompson invites you to walk alongside people of the Bible who had to wait on God. . .imperfect heroes like David, Miriam, Naomi, Sarah, Joseph, and others. Their stories will provide a roadmap for your own story, helping you navigate the painful, lonely territory of waiting, coming out on the other side with your faith, relationships, and sense of humor intact. They might even help you learn to enjoy the ride.

This book is about the journey of waiting, the space between answers, and the people we become while we live there.
“ When God Says, “Wait” is a must-read. Elizabeth gives us confidence and courage in times of waiting, ensuring that we will be ‘better because of the wait.’ We are better because of this book, too! With solid scriptural advice, practical prompts, and unmatched wit, Elizabeth helps us find faith in times of uncertainty. Whether you’re a mom, student, business owner, or wife, this book is for you!”
–Lara Casey Isaacson, Author of Make It Happen

“In When God Says, “Wait,” Elizabeth captures readers through previously unexplored anecdotes of familiar Bible stories and then connects you with these ancient icons, venturing deeper into their narratives. With Elizabeth’s own graceful confessions and by linking our own emotions to those of these past heroes, we internalize so much more than just the moral of their stories. We take on their hope, their insight, and their love for God in a way that helps us navigate this ‘lonely, unmarked territory’ that is waiting. We have known Elizabeth and her husband Kevin for many years. We value their guidance, direction, and most of all their genuine desire for a relationship with Christ. This book is the culmination of years of grappling with questions and faith-testing waiting with practical insights of the way God works in these times.”
–Pauli and Chip Wade, Lead Creative at Wade Works, Star of HGTV’s “Elbow Room” and “Curb Appeal”

“Elizabeth Thompson is a kindred spirit. I love her writing style, heart, and quirky humor. She writes with authenticity and wisdom. When God Says, “Wait” gives practical, biblical precepts, but it also unites our hearts with beloved biblical characters. Thompson masterfully paints scenes from these characters’ lives in such a way, you feel you’re there. Time is removed. Rather than biblical saints, they become people just like us. Their stories are ours. It’s a must-read for anyone struggling with God’s timetable. Healing, hopeful, and filled with grace to help us trust God as we wait on Him.”
–Andy Lee, Author of A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called

About the Author
Elizabeth Laing Thompson writes at LizzyLife.com about clinging to Christ through the chaos of daily life. As a minister, speaker, and novelist, she loves finding humor in holiness, and hope in heartache. She lives in North Carolina with her preacher husband and four spunky kids, and they were totally worth the wait.

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