SiO4 (The Alpha Series) By. My’Rese A. Jackson

Product description
Independently published at 18, My’Rese A. Jackson’s unorthodox fantasy debut introduces readers to the chaotic insanity of a cosmic story set in a world that is not their own.

A badass, eccentric, possibly insane teenager named Amethyst suddenly learns she is the other twin daughter of Zeus (yes, the Greek god) and princess of the ocean queendom. Did I mention Zeus wants her dead? LOL. *sips tea* According to a somewhat old prophecy, those in power will disrupt the universe’s balance. Amethyst is the solution. So why the f*** does Zeus want her dead? Eh. That’s alright. She finds an awesome group of supportive, non-human kickass friends. Set in a retro-futuristic, arguably dystopian parallel universe, SiO4 is the introduction to a cosmic story you probably aren’t mentally prepared for.

You most likely don’t know what to expect from this series because you don’t know who the f*** I am, so I’ll tell you. I will now list things. Social justice, mental, physical and emotional dis/abilities, identity, morality, friendship, superpowers and abilities, humor, pseudo-science, pop culture, youthful modernism, QTPOC representation, a hint of mythology, slang, profanity, and sexual innuendos that will tickle you in the right spots. There are lots of gems hidden in the sand waiting for you to find them. There’s also hella room for in-depth analysis. Basically, I’m here to stimulate your mind and body intellectually and imaginatively. 

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