Looking Beyond The Surface: Baring My Soul Since 1985 by J.N. Schildt

Looking Beyond the Surface is a collection of thought-provoking poems written in the span of two decades. This collection contains five sections that hold a theme of their own: Misery; Dreams and the Unknown; Love and Lust; Words of Comfort; and Inspirational and Rude awakening. The author starts the readers off with dark and heavy pieces; however, as the pages turn, the details become lighter and filled with an amalgam of colors.

Discover how J.N. Schildt manages to turn life’s events into beautiful masterpieces in poetic form, both free verse, and rhyme. Poetry became a big part of J.N. Schildt’s life when she discovered that it was conducive for her mental health. It was a coping mechanism, an escape when life became overwhelming. This book was not only created to make you feel; however, it was produced to entertain and inspire you.
Excerpt from P. 63

“Your love is like music!

It carries my soul to an unfamiliar realm-

And I can no longer resist.

For every second that I do,

the drumming becomes louder,

and I get lost within the rhythm.

My senses are overpowered and

I can no longer restrain myself.

The deeper I fall into your song,

the tempo slows down.

The pulsation intensifies,

and my heart beats to your tune.”

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