Rise Unstoppable (Rising) by Michelle G Stradford

Product Description
Restore yourself to your original wonder with soul-awakening self-love poetry and prose! Rise Unstoppable is an uplifting self-love poetry collection that amplifies the beauty and intrinsic power of women and girls. From self-care affirmations to the celebration of accomplishment, this book takes you on the path of self-awareness, acknowledgment of one’s needs and, stepping into your courage to transform into an unstoppable force.Among the themes are self-created barriers, personal trauma, unhealthy relationships, workplace challenges, and the social injustices that many of us face.Rise Unstoppable is organized in the following chapters: Self-Care, Transform, Amplify, Rise, and Unstoppable. Each section offers comfort, encouragement, and perspective on life experiences.

Great for fans of Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey, S.M. Keat’s Stardust and Her Magic,Alexandra Vasiliu’s Blooming. – Booklife, a division of Publisher’s Weekly
This penetrating compilation will particularly appeal to women looking for inspirational and powerful reading. – Booklife, a division of Publisher’s Weekly
“It’s not often that a book of poetry can double as a source of personal inspiration as well as a garden of beautifully sown seeds that grow into memorable lessons.” – Donna Parrey, Readers’ Favorite

“At times reflective, at times reminiscent of the poet’s experiences, but most importantly, inviting readers to break free from the shackles of limiting beliefs and not be hemmed in by pain or trauma. Rise Unstoppable is inspiring and delightful to read, filled with insights and powerful images. It is the poetry that celebrates you.” – Jose Cornelio, Readers’ Favorite

“Pain. Life. Rise. Unstoppable are some of the words of expression that the reader will feel , witness, and experience in Rise Unstoppable. I highly recommend this collection…” – Vernita Naylor, Readers’ Favorite

“The collection is not just for poetry lovers; the poet’s words are for everyone who wants change, growth, and transformation in their lives. This book is a keeper because it can be read many times and will encourage readers to release themselves from the bondage of unhealed scars and be restored to their ‘original wonder’ (Original Wonder)”. – Mamta Madhavan, Readers’ Favorite

“Let Us Breathe… is just one of many brilliantly worded creations you’ll find in Rise Unstoppable…Michelle G. Stradford has done a wonderful job in writing such a powerful and thought-provoking collection of poetry.” -Tiffany Ferrell, Reader’s Favorites
From the Back Cover
Go ahead and peer in; the author is an open book with words to spare. Borrow as many as you need. Cling to them as you fall off to sleep or repeat a verse in the morning to remind you of how amazing you are. You own the ability to change, grow, rise to accomplish anything.

About the Author
Michelle G. Stradford is a Best-Selling Author, Architect, Artist and Photographer who creates written, visual and inhabitable art. In addition to poetry, she has written short stories and fiction since adolescence. Her writing style is contemporary free verse, as her goal is to create poetry and prose that is relatable, connects with and is inspiring to her readers. In particular, she wants to use her experiences and writing to build a platform that encourages women and girls to own their power to overcome challenges and crush their goals.

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