We Can’t Be Broken (Unbreakable Book 0) by H.K. Christie

Product description
Always the youngest and tired of being called the baby, nine-year-old Casey is thrilled when her little sister, Anna, arrives in the winter of 1986. Once Anna is born everything changes for the better: a new sister, a new house and a perfect life. It’s as if nothing can go wrong—until Anna gets cancer. In the wake of seemingly never-ending hospital stays and chemo treatments, Casey and her older siblings, Kelly and Sam, are suddenly forced to fend for themselves while constantly adapting to a new normal, which is anything but. Now growing up in the shadow of their sister’s cancer, Casey and her siblings try to survive as well as figure out their own place in the world. Join Casey, Kelly and Sam as they navigate through their often difficult and heartbreaking path to adulthood.We Can’t Be Broken is a novel inspired by true events.


“I couldn’t put it down. Such a heartfelt story.. Heartwarming, touching, honest, raw & emotional. Very well written.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I literally could not put this book down. the raw emotion and turmoil this family went through, made you root for them all. Cancer affects all in the family and this book displays that. I would recommend this to all to read!!” – Amazon Reviewer

“From beginning to end, We Can’t Be Broken was terrific! I couldn’t put it down! I felt every emotion of each character so clearly, and was brought to tears by the challenges they all went through. It was like I was part of the story, looking in on how they dealt with their struggles, and overcoming so much together. What an amazing book, with interesting characters, and an inspirational ending! This book is a great example of what it means to be a strong and supportive family. Looking forward to reading more of H.K Christie!” – Amazon Reviewer

“The plot of this story is so true in families where one child gets sick and the parents have to give all their time to that child, not always realizing that the other children get lost in the shuffle. I’ve seen it in my own grandchildren’s life. It is heartbreaking! This book touches your heart. When new baby Anna comes along everyone is thrilled, then she gets cancer and everyone’s life changes to cater to her health issues. The parents find there strength in their own way. The siblings try to deal with their everyday life the best way they can on their own. Well written and well developed characters.” – Amazon Reviewer

“This book was amazing. It gave me all the feels. It was beautifully breath taking and angsty. I would give it 15 stars if I could. I went through so many emotions while reading but I don’t regret any of them” – Amazon Reviewer

“We can’t be broken. This book was interesting. At first I thought I made a mistake to start reading this book. I thought tragedy was the motive. But as I kept reading and seeing how cancer comes into a family and changes what they consider normal. Casey and her siblings experience so many struggles on all levels that I couldn’t imagine children could handle. I struggled just reading about the struggles. Their mother Agatha had strength from within. She put her self through many situations good and bad. But through it all, Agatha and her children survive and make their lives better. This was a moving story and felt so real. A good read! ” – Amazon Review

“Christie pulls you into the daily lives of this family in a gentle but relentless and insightful way. The story is more than just about the little sister’s cancer, but an in depth look into the daily lives of four children and their parents struggling to just get by with hospital stays, chemo, kids acting out at home and at school. It took me back to my own complex childhood, with sometimes joyful and sometimes hellish relationships with my brother and sister. Ultimately, the story is about all our families. Well worth the read.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting. The reality of childhood cancer and its affect on siblings in particular is brought to us openly and honestly through “Kelly, Sam and Casey.” Have Kleenex ready; this book evokes every emotion and reminds us of the courage and perseverance we each have inside of us.” – Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

H.K. Christie is the author of We Can’t Be Broken, a novel inspired by her own family’s battle with childhood cancer, and Where I’m Supposed To Be, a novel that picks up seven years after the end of We Can’t Be Broken and follows Casey through her mid-late twenties as she navigates career, love, marriage, and exploring what she really wants from life.

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