Bocas: a novel (Bocas Trilogy) by Thomas M. Barron

Product description
*Finalist—Tuscon Festival of Books
*Semifinalist—Kindle Book Awards

George thought he’d finally escaped Shawna by picking up an easy bartending gig in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

With an extra $400/month to edit an online love column keeping him afloat, he spends his days swimming and sinking beers with his roommate PJ.

Does the occasional female tourist ever sleep over? Sure. But that’s nothing compared to PJ’s scorecard. PJ should be registered with the Center for Disease Control.
Warm water, cold beers and no Shawna—life couldn’t be better on the island. Until George takes a little road trip to Colombia. Raúl, his boss at the bar, offered him a free ride. He always knew Raúl moved a little bit of cocaine. Who doesn’t? But guns?

So… he absolutely should not write Shawna. That clever soul-crushing beauty destroyed him. Maybe it would be OK if she came for just a week? Just one week…

About the Author
Thomas M. Barron is a strategist and copywriter. He lives in San Francisco with his sleepy dog. Bocas is his first novel. 

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