The Self Compassion Workbook: Practical Exercises to Approach Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions with Kindness by Joy Johnson LCSW

Product Description
Learn self compassion and let go of self-criticism―exercises for cultivating love, kindness, and acceptance

Are you a perfectionist? Do you have a tough time quieting your inner critic? It can be easy to fall into patterns of self-criticism when we feel uncertain―but self compassion is about building a new mindset, embracing the moment, and letting go of the responsibility to handle every obstacle. This workbook is packed with an array of exercises and strategies designed to ground yourself in self compassion and confidently build the life that you want.

Make self compassion a part of your daily routine with a range of writing and drawing prompts, meditations, breathing techniques, and more, plus encouraging words to support your journey. Feel free to choose exercises you’re most drawn to, and always remember to be kind and loving to yourself, praise your personal growth, and cheer yourself on even if you stumble.

The Self-Compassion Workbook includes:

Clear mind―Navigate your healing journey with ease using simple and approachable guidance, and chapters organized by thoughts, emotions, and behavior.
Kind words―Relatable stories, and positive affirmations will remind you to refocus and remember to be compassionate.
Self-help―Find proven strategies and exercises drawing from mindfulness, positive psychology, and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) fields.
Free yourself from self-criticism with the help of The Self-Compassion Workbook.

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