Motherhood: A Spiritual Journey by Ellyn Sanna

Product description
This is a moving reflection on learning the tough spiritual lessons of motherhood. Ellyn Sanna draws from personal anecdotes as well as from a wide range of male and female Christian saints and writers, making the book personal yet truly universal at the same time.

From Library Journal
Sanna draws on the metaphor of sunshine and shadows to reflect on the paradoxes of motherhood: the moments of illumination and darkness, the wonder and grief, the growth and guilt, the delight and exhaustion. The kaleidoscope of experiences that make up motherhood can seem random and overwhelming without a spiritual focus to keep the patterns of light and dark in perspective. Sanna sees these challenges as a call to live in sacred wholeness, in the presence of God. A beautifully written contemplation of many aspects of motherhood, written from a Christian perspective but accessible to general readers.
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