The Impact of Identity: The Power of Knowing Who You Are by Irina Nevzlin

Product Description
The power of knowing who you are
The world is rapidly changing and our beliefs are being challenged. Many of us are uncomfortable with the political, religious, and social changes taking place.

This book offers a new approach to establishing a clear, resilient identity and enjoying a more positive, meaningful life.

Irina Nevzlin’s life experience and entrepreneurial background have led her to develop the understanding that our global world has made us all immigrants to some extent. This unique book offers a fresh perspective on how each of us can adapt with more ease to our ever-changing, complex world.

This book answers the following questions:

Why have previous definitions, systems, and identities become invalid?
What does it mean to know who you are and where you belong?
Why is it important to know who you are?
What new skills do you need to thrive in this world?
Who has these skills and why?
How can you acquire those skills?
Why the future is something to look forward to?
“It is very rare to find a book which makes you think, has genuine insight into the human condition and is easy and fun to read. Irina Nevzlin confronts what is fast becoming a core political challenge though the book does not express itself in political language: how to reconcile a strong sense of identity with an open minded approach to the world; how to have – in Goethe’s words – roots as well as wings.” – Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1997-2007

“Who are you really, when you are changed by every experience? In the globalized age, ideas travel around the world at light speed, blurring the traditional borders of origin, culture and identity. We move our bodies just as easily from continent to continent, shifting languages and habits in a snap. This is a wonderful privilege, but, as Irina Nevzlin’s important book reminds us, it shouldn’t mean losing our sense of self, of the values that define us and how we see the world. Do not be satisfied with merely adjusting to an ever-changing world when you also have something to contribute to it. The Impact of Identity is an ideal guide to adapting and learning without forsaking what makes you unique”. – Garry Kasparov, the Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation, the 13th World Chess Champion, and the author of Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins
From the Author
I woke up one morning in December 2018 with a book in my head. I had never thought of writing a book, but I felt an urge to share a message that derives from personal experience. As Guy Kawasaki says: “Learning by anecdote is risky, but waiting for scientific proof is too.” My message is very simple: there are many things we can do and decisions we can make that reduce fear, generate meaning, and enhance enjoyment while we explore life in our fast-changing world.
If you want to make your life better, this is the book for you.

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