Mental Toughness: A Simple Guide to Managing Stress and Overcoming Adversity by Edward Langway

Building and Developing Your Mental Muscle
Discouragement, worry, and fear seem to be the norm in a world where everyone is constantly exposed to stress-inducing events. To live a life that has any semblance of fulfillment and happiness, each of us must find effective ways to energize our mental batteries to deal with stress and hard knocks. .

In Mental Toughness: A Simple Guide for Managing Stress and Overcoming Adversity, author Edward Langway offers practical advice for handling inevitable tough times, including: .

How to shift your perspective on challenges and develop a positive mindset.
How to develop identity-based habits.
How to create and consistently follow your schedule.
How to get back up each time life knocks you down.
Tools for calming yourself in high-pressure situations.
Packed with lots of hands-on exercises and tips, this book will help you develop and improve your mental muscles to deal with seemingly insurmountable setbacks in your career, health, relationship, and every other area of your life..

In addition to offering a clearer understanding of what it means to be truly mentally tough, Langway shares simple but powerful insights for exercising mental toughness skills in everyday situations. You will also learn ways to properly implement strategies that will help you manage stress and overcome adversities..

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