How to Be Nice to Yourself: The Everyday Guide to Self Compassion: Effective Strategies to Increase Self-Love and Acceptance by Laura Silberstein-Tirch PsyD

Product Description
Practice deep self compassion with a wide range of strategies.

Today’s the day to start loving yourself. How to Be Nice to Yourself makes it simple to start practicing self compassion with a wide variety of techniques and strategies that anyone can learn.

Filled with easy-to-use advice drawn from a variety of sources―including meditation, mindfulness, and acceptance and commitment therapy―this book will help you find the right way to start feeling good about yourself.

How to Be Nice to Yourself: The Everyday Guide to Self Compassion includes:

Proven Strategies―Learn a variety of ways to practice self compassion daily―with meditations, writing exercises, and more.
Practical Advice―Bring self compassion to your thoughts, emotions, and actions with exercises that can easily be applied to your daily life.
Personalized Approach―Customize your self compassion practice with a personalized plan based on what matters to you and the kind of changes you want to see.
Start loving yourself with the techniques that work best for you. You’ll discover them in How to be Nice to Yourself: The Everyday Guide to Self Compassion.

“In How to Be Nice to Yourself, Dr. Laura Silberstein-Tirch gives us a roadmap to being kinder to ourselves and others, and more accepting of our fragile human existence. All of us can sometimes be undermined by our inner critic, that negative voice judging our thoughts, feelings, body, and experience. Each chapter here has clear guidelines of exactly what to do to find the warmth and compassion that we need―and that we can learn to get from ourselves if we follow the advice in this thoughtful book.”―Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D., Director, American Institute for Cognitive Therapy, and author of The Jealousy Cure: Learn to Trust, Overcome Possessiveness & Save Your Relationship

“Beautifully written and clearly organized, How to Be Nice to Yourself never leaves the reader wondering what to do to take that next step toward real change. In this highly accessible book, Laura Silberstein-Tirch shows how self-compassion applies to nearly every important area of your life. Had enough of harsh self-criticism? Stop trying to argue back―that only strengthens the critical voice within. Instead, learn how to be nice to yourself. This book will help.”―Steven C. Hayes, PhD, Co-developer of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and author of A Liberated Mind

“A growing body of science shows that developing self-compassion is good for us in many ways, but cultivating compassion for our own struggles is often easier said than done. Through the skillful use of self-exploration exercises and well-timed experiential practices, How to Be Nice to Yourself gently guides us through an exploration of the tricky ways we can carry shame, helping shift our harsh self-judgments to warm understanding, and teaching us to bring compassion to difficult emotions, troublesome thoughts, and unhelpful behaviors. This excellent resource, written with an expert’s touch, will benefit many. Highly recommended!”―Russell Kolts, PhD, Author of An Open-Hearted Life

“How to Be Nice to Yourself will show you how to honestly, gently, and skillfully respond to your feelings, thoughts, and actions so that you can live a more enjoyable and purposeful life. Packed to the brim with practical, evidence-based, compassionate practices, this book will give you a toolkit full of effective ways to respond to yourself in challenging times.”―Aisling Leonard-Curtin, MSc, Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland and co-author of The Power of Small

“Laura Silberstein-Tirch has created a true gem with How to Be Nice to Yourself! This book is the most accessible and practical book to date on how to cultivate self-compassion in your daily life. How to be Nice to Yourself is grounded in scientific research, while bringing a beautiful sense of warmth that flows off the page. Please do yourself a favor and purchase this book, and enjoy watching your life transform as you implement these powerful self-compassion practices!”―Chris Fraser, MSW, Author of Freedom: How Teens Can Use Mindful Compassion to Thrive in a Chaotic World and Grow a Purpose-driven Life

“How to Be Nice to Yourself is a breath of fresh air! Self-compassion is essential in our lives but rarely do people take the time to cultivate the practice of self-compassion. How to Be Nice to Yourself removes any intimidation you might feel about starting to build a practice of mindful compassion for yourself. Laura Silberstein-Tirch deftly weaves relatable examples with a conversational voice, bringing the concepts and practices of self-compassion to life. Throughout the book, you’re guided to create personalized plans to help you implement this new way of being, with prompts for setting intentions and taking the committed actions that will get you where you want to go. If you’re looking for a guide on your self-compassion journey, this book is it. I will be sharing How to Be Nice to Yourself with all of my clients.”―Heather Doyle Fraser, Author of 40 Weeks: A Daily Journey of Inspiration and Abundance

“Laura Silberstein-Tirch has laid the path for all interested in building kindness, love, and compassion into their relationships with themselves and others. The book presents strategies that are elegantly designed to bring compassionate awareness to the mind, body, and spirit. This is a book I will recommend to all of my clients and colleagues – it’s a gift in service of compassionate living.”―Robyn D. Walser, PhD, author of the Heart of ACT: Developing a Flexible, Process-Based, and Client-Centered Practice Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

About the Author
LAURA SILBERSTEIN-TIRCH, PSY.D. is the director of The Center for Compassion Focused Therapy. In addition to her work at The Center, Dr. Silberstein-Tirch serves as an adjunct assistant professor and clinical student supervisor at the Ferkauf School of Psychology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.

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