Poetic Love Notes by Teresa James and LaVan Robinson


Step into the sensuous world of poetic expression which explores the world of two lover’s souls. Fasten your seat belt as we take you on an odyssey of intense and passionate letters of undying and committed love. A stimulating book of Poetry and Prose.

About the authors

Teresa James is known for her poetry and art shared throughout social media as Love of a Poet. Where you can actually interact with her. She is passionate about the creativity and beauty of poetry. She mostly writes short poems about love and relationships. She is a mother of seven children, a horticulturist, and philanthropist. While going through heartbreaks, struggles, and grief throughout life. She learned to write her emotions down on paper to vent and release pain. She now bleeds ink by writing and sharing through her poetry.
“The beauty of a poem is not in the length of the content…It’s in the power of the words.” ❤

LaVan Robinson, born as Larry LaVan Richardson, Jr, took his pen name from his middle name and his mother Mary’s maiden name. He writes in her honor. As well, he has a beloved son, Audy. A 13 year veteran, he has written poetry since high school. In January he published his first poetry book, Songs of LaLA, followed by his second book Love’s Rhapsody. “LaLa” is Robinson’s poet name. He states that he loves poetry and will use it to inspire people and bring them closer to God. You can find LaLa performing at open mic’s and on podcasts. 

Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2022

This work of poetry and prose brings a tsunami of dancing rainbows sprinkling tokens of love everywhere. As you turn each page your drawn in closer and closer. “The seedlings of love’s sow” just might capture you and leave you helpless and glued to every word. “Love’s Sow” is a captivating poem and endearing.
Then there’s poems like “Blissful Adoration” that will take you on a musical course of love. Robinson and James delivers some beautiful aspects of love that displays why we need each other in a world of uncertainty. “Love is the only thing living in a world of uncertainty that’s a certainty”
Just a beautiful collection of poetry.

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