SPIRIT, RHYTHM, and STORY: Community Building and Healing through Song by Terence Elliott

Product Description
Urban communities throughout the United States and the world are in a phase of rebuilding, whether it is economically, socially, spirituality, or culturally. It is important in these times that diverse communities retain values that distinguish them and celebrate those cultural traditions. In the work to build community, it will be valuable to learn how songs can help unite people toward change. This text will provide information on histories of songs and their role, effect, and impact on community building efforts toward health and cultural healing.

About the Author
Dr. Terence Elliott is an educator with more than thirty years of teaching experience. He is an accomplished pianist, composer, snd producer. He earned a doctorate in educational leadership from Argosy University in 2010, and holds a master’s degree in creative arts and a bachelor’s degree in music and Black studies that he earned at San Francisco State University. He is a former academic dean, president of the academic senate, and chair of the African American studies department at Contra Costa College. Currently, he works as a full-time music professor, teaching rock, rhythm and blues, and hip-hop courses at Diablo Valley College (DVC) in Northern California. He is a board member on the A2MEND (African American Male Educational Network Development) organization, and founder and co-leader of the African American Male Leadership Program at DVC. A proud husband of thirty-five years and father of two beautiful (and married) daughters, two fantastic sons-in-law, and an awesome granddaughter. Dr. Terence Elliott hopes to use his music as a way to bring community together through his own particular cycle of life journey of love, pain, hope, change, and healing.

Heal Our World
Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2019
This is a beautifully written introduction to the vitality and healing power of Black music. From its roots in African art forms to Hip Hop today, the author describes the roles that song and music have played as vehicles for expression, enlightenment, and empowerment in African American communities. It is also a personal story of how the Dr Elliott’s life has been enriched by the poets, musicians, singers, composers, MCs, and DJs of the Harlem Renaissance, Black Arts, and Hip Hop movements. He is a caring musician and music educator that is committed to the work of rebuilding urban communities through song. 

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