EI Secrets: The 30 Day Emotional Intelligence Experience by DB Bedford

Product description
I’m so excited that you’re considering going through the 30 Day EI Experience. Emotional intelligence is the number one asset that employers are going to be looking for in the years to come, and you’re about to be ahead of the game. You’re going to learn that the core fundamental of being emotionally intelligent is the ability to process emotionally charged situations through a logical lens because when emotions are high, logic is low. The higher the emotion, the lower the logic. Be excited, feel powerful. They say Superman has x-ray vision, and with these new skill sets, you can confidently walk around with e-ray vision because you will understand situational awareness that will make you a better version of yourself.

After years of personal development and mentoring, DB realigned his goals and perspective and positioned himself in the community as a Crisis Intervention Specialist using his personal experiences to positively influence the life of others, helping people implement Emotional Intelligence into their everyday decision making. During his 15 year tenure with the Alameda County Probation Department (which is the same facility where he was housed as a youth), he was promoted to the highest ranking supervisory role and ultimately ended up managing the same officers that once locked him up.

Despite all of life’s challenges, he has accumulated over 20 years of professional experience and certifications, and his service was recognized with several accolades. Today he is a consultant and entrepreneur providing Emotional Intelligence training’s for companies, colleges, individuals and couples.

DB and his dynamic team of instructors have overcome their share of adversity, and each one of them have compelling stories that qualify them to facilitate the conversation around Emotional Intelligence. In addition to their personal experiences, they all have elevated to higher levels of success as working professionals and entrepreneurs in various sectors.

DB decided that it was important to share their knowledge collectively to activate the most powerful eLearning platform you will ever encounter.

Welcome to “The EI Experience” 

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