Just Say You Want Out by Marenda

Product description
Mariah aka Mimi is a 23 year old woman born and raised in Oakland, she was taught to work hard for what you wanted in life and everything else will follow. The street life was like second nature to Mimi do to her family. Mariah didn’t want to be just another girl in The Town chasing after the drug dealers to survive. She wanted to make her own money and college was just the start to her journey of money, respect and success. One night out partying in the town open her eyes to the dark side of Oakland. Mike aka Green Eyes was hustling in the streets since the age of 14 he was raised by a single mother who had to keep two jobs to make ends meet. He became one of the most notorious, respected Drug Lords in the Bay and also parts of Sacramento. His empire was growing his only focus was getting money and expanding. Trying to live and survive in Oakland wasn’t easy, the streets were filled with hustlers, murderers and drama. A tragic night will land these two in each other lives will it be heaven or hell.

About the Author
Marenda Hegler is an Amazon bestselling author. Her first novels “Just say you want Out and Just say you want Out part 2.” Marenda was born in Oakland, Ca currently residing in Sacramento, Ca and raised by her grandmother. Growing up in Oakland for Marenda had its good things and also bad. She has witness so much in life it inspired her to write.

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