SoulStorm: When The Journey Is The Destination by Ed Olivo

Product Description
This emotional collection of poems by Ed Olivo depicts the journey of his search for true love. His search is primarily manifested as a dream companion in the form of something whimsical, elemental, and universal. He experiences the giddiness, elation, fear, and excitement of falling in love, the deep disappointment and consternation of the realization that his view of love is flawed and painful, and finally that true love is about loving and accepting oneself first, flaws and all, and then manifesting that love outwardly.

Readers will feel the extreme ups and downs of love, but also that beautiful and broken can not only co-exist, they are actually symbiotic. Perfect love isn’t the goal…real love is, most especially self-love.

Any man or woman searching for love, anyone who has been deeply and emotionally hurt, and anyone who has experienced a difficult relationship will connect to this book.

About the Author
Ed Olivo lived for 23 years in Hong Kong, where he worked as a freelance journalist and published countless articles. His deepest desire is to share and help, whenever, wherever, and with whomever he can. He hopes to open a non-profit bookstore café that features the works of under-represented people and those who suffer from depression or anxiety, or struggle with current or past trauma. He would love to provide a platform and community where they can freely and positively express themselves while feeling supported, encouraged, and included. Ed Olivo is the single father of an incredible daughter. He currently lives in Colorado and enjoys reading, writing, movies, sports, and video games, but above all, he most enjoys spending time with his daughter.

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