Overcoming Toxic Emotions: A Practical Guide to Building Better Relationships with Yourself and Others by Leah Guy

Product Description
Create happier, healthier relationships by using three simple steps to replace negative emotions and toxic patterns with love, forgiveness, compassion, and joy!

The desire to love and be loved and feel valued is universal. Seems easy enough, but for most people it is a constant, and often silent, struggle. Toxic emotions such as fear, resentment, guilt, and shame drain your energy, deflate the spirit, and make you feel stuck. Without attentive care and healing, it’s easy to get trapped in false belief patterns that build toxic emotional and energetic “imprints.” These imprints set the stage for how we experience the world and how we react to it.

Instead of pushing people away, self-sabotaging, or using excuses and distractions as defense mechanisms, intuitive spiritual healer Leah Guy teaches you how to apply mindful healing tools to shift your mindset, heal old wounds, and develop happier, healthier relationship patterns in Overcoming Toxic Emotions. This powerful book will help you:

Understand how toxic emotions have been impeding your happiness
Overcome your toxic emotional and energetic imprints
Manifest a more vibrant, satisfying life
For anyone who feels emotionally stuck or unable to move forward in a positive and productive way, this book is for you. Take the self-care steps you need with Overcoming Toxic Emotions.
“Leah Guy writes from experience. She has been through the fire, and transformed that experience into lights of truth. Read her, experience her, and be illumined by all she has to share.”
—Michael Fitzpatrick, recipient of The Prince Charles Award for Musical Excellence conferred by HRH the Prince of Wales

“Leah is a gifted writer, healer, and teacher. This book is next level for anyone who wants to grow in their personal and spiritual life. It’s a book we all need right now to elevate the consciousness and vibration of ourselves and the world. Leah is a trusted resource and I applaud her journey.”
—Suleman Shah, owner of Namaste Bookshop

“I want the reader to know that this is one of the most remarkable books I’ve read in years on self-help and awakening. My personal library contains over eight thousand books, and I spent over eight years in my early career sharing an office with a fabulous clinical psychologist, Dr. Harold Hansen. I can tell you that Leah Guy’s book is one of the finest, offering substantial and meaningful self-help and guidance. She carries us through in brilliantly written pages as to how we can change our energy, and relate more effectively with others. I was impressed when she communicated a value that has rarely been messaged today . . . and that is, walking in someone else’s shoes.”
—The Amazing Kreskin, world-renowned mentalist

“ Overcoming Toxic Emotions is a must-read for anyone wanting to have healthier and happier relationships. The three-step method Leah provides is a powerful tool that can be applied to any aspect of your life. Once you master this simple and practical method, you realize healing and transformation are possible. Take yourself on this exciting journey!”
—Christy Whitman, New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All

“In Overcoming Toxic Emotions, author Leah Guy takes a deep dive into what toxic emotions are, and how they hold us back from experiencing joy and fulfillment. She provides a clear and well-articulated road map to freedom from these emotions, and to a more satisfying, self-directed life. This book can help many.”
—Chris Kilham, medicine hunter

“Leah Guy is an authentic mind/body/spirit healer par excellence. With a wide-open heart she leads people, teaches people, heals people, and learns from people. Leah’s list of followers continues to grow daily as people hear of her work. I am one of them.”
—Cynthia D. Chase, author of From Stressed to Blessed

“Emotions are contagious, for better or worse. When we are in the grip of toxic emotions, we suffer, and we usually spread suffering. What if you could learn to free yourself from these negative patterns so you could enjoy more happiness and enrich all your relationships? In this compelling work, Leah Guy shares her deep insight into how you can become aware of and then transcend maladaptive habits of body and mind. Essential reading for all who are ready to move beyond negative conditioning and make life more beautiful by creating loving and healthy relationships with themselves and others. Highly recommend.”
—Michael J. Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and The Art of Connection

“Leah Guy has assessed the difficult situation into which so many of us were born, tracked those imprints into our reality today, and in this thoughtful and practical book, provides tools and perspectives through which we can really do something about self-healing. In short, we can take our lives back, evolve our mind-body frequency to another level, and take a deeper dive into our human potential. Thanks, Leah. for being such a good guide.”
—Mitchell Rabin, holistic psychotherapist, host of A Better World

About the Author
Leah Guy is an intuitive spiritual healer who offers wisdom from a lifetime of personal triumphs and more than twenty-four years helping clients transform their lives. Leah is a sought-after inspirational teacher on topics such as mindfulness, energy-medicine, and meditation, as well as emotional and spiritual healing. She leads personal development retreats nationwide, is a course author for DailyOM, and has a private practice in the NYC metro area.

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