Overcoming: A Journey From Pain to Peace, Purpose and Power by Natasha D Ickes-Saman

Overcoming is an inspiration to all women who struggle with depression, stagnation and unfulfillment to seek out the peace, power and joy in their own lives.

She was a little girl who loved ice skating, reading and music. Yet from a young age Natasha felt different. She struggled with depression, feelings of abandonment and low self esteem. At 9 she stood with a knife pressed to her wrist, contemplating taking her own life. By 17 she was a pregnant high school dropout.

The next several years were filled with drugs and homelessness on the violent streets of Oakland. She survived through God, her intuition and a profound desire to change. One day she discovered a secret that would change her life forever. This poignant memoir follows Natasha’s journey from a depressed child, to a suicidal teen, to a successful business woman.

It is a story of survival and beating the odds. It is how one woman overcame chronic depression, addiction and the battles of her own mind. It is a story of love and pain, tragedy and triumph, failures and wins. Overcoming is for anyone who never felt like enough. It is a powerful story for those ready to get out of their own way and create the life of their dreams.

About the author
I love deep connections in every form. Whether it’s taking a class, giving a Tarot reading or connecting to the deepest parts of an individual by reading their book – I’m here for it all. I love new ideas, healing crystals and profound conversations. I feel honored to hold space for another person whether that’s in my hair salon (which I opened at the age of 24), or through my 1-1 coaching. I truly believe we are a generation of unstoppable women, who are succeeding and overcoming no matter what the circumstances.
I am owner of Shear Passion Salon and founder of Manifesting Miracles. I am a certified life coach and NLP Practitioner. I’ve been blessed to have my work published in the Hudson Weekly, the LA Tribune, MunaLuchi magazine and other publications. I was honored to receive a Certificate of Congressional Recognition. Despite all God’s blessings my best moments are spent traveling with my husband and 3 children.

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