The Hidden Peace In Poems by Eric B Smith

This book contains poetry about life, love and the many obstacles we encounter.

Some of the short story style of poetry displayed in The Hidden Peace In Poems were derived from real people and real events. This style of writing forms a unique brand of fiction that’s designed to sit close to the heart. The characters and plots may not be exact, but the ideas were fueled from real life circumstances. For some it may hit close to home , while with others it may open doors. Nevertheless, this brand of poetry welcomes everyone to open their hearts and step in closer. lets find out together how to communicate with our hearts.

” Your poetry flows well together! As I read each one it leads me into the next one without loosing the overall ideas of the book itself. ” ” LOVE WITHIN. LOVE WITHOUT”. Is the perfect opener for this manuscript! Your emphasis on love and understanding that it comes with sacrifice and most importantly God.”
“My favorite poem is “THAT PERFECT PEACE”. I always say there’s nothing like peace of mind. No relationship, job, or any other earthly thing is more important than your peace of mind. And ‘THAT SPECIAL WITHIN” confirms for you to actually have peace and obtain it for a period of time, you not only have to fight for it but at the same time you deserve it.”
Robert Lee Wilson III. Freelance editor and author of ” IF POETRY WERE SHORT STORIES”

About The Author
Eric Bruce Smith was born and raised in Oakland, Ca. Eric is from a area on the eastside known as Brookfield Village. Although it is depicted as a pretty tough neighborhood, its never short on producing very talented individuals. Eric is a poet, writer and enjoys playing several instruments. He has poetry work published in the Oakland Public Library found under Images and Voices of the Gold Rush edited by Joyce E Young. This is a collaborative work made possible by The Writers on Site Program of Poets & Writers, Inc. 1998. Eric has noteworthy poetry work in book titled “Reflections of The Soul.” A collective work of poetry published by The Poetry Guild, Ohio, 1997. The poem is titled “In My Pocket There’s A Mirror” He has participated in poetry readings at Expressions Gallery in Berkeley, Ca, made possible by The Bay Area Writing Project. He’s a proud father of three beautiful children. His daughter Serena Lea Smith( age17), joined her father on this project by doing the Cover Artwork. Eric is excited about sharing this body of work, and very pleased with his poetic contribution to literature.
Visit him online at. or

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